Jack’s Message to Nevada

Our nation is facing enormous challenges. Never in our country’s history have we been faced with such overwhelming greed, dishonesty, and corruption. Families are losing their homes and their life’s savings, while Wall Street receives billions in bailouts. Children are being denied an education, and the dropout rates continue to rise. Americans are being denied proper healthcare, while CEOs take home billions. We need real solutions to these problems and that is why I am running for Congress in Nevada’s 2nd district. District two deserves a leader who will stand up to the obstructionists and to those who will openly admit that they want our leaders to fail. The second district deserves a congressman who will fight to bring unity and civility back to our national discourse. Together, we can bring solutions to the working families of our district. As a Nevada State Legislator, I fought for working families and for improved education for our children. As a Nevada State Senator, I proved that I am capable of listening to differing opinions and forming a consensus.  As Congressman, I pledge to represent all constituants, regardless of party affiliation. We cannot be silent in the face of adversity. Silent majorities will not help us overcome the great challenges we face. Today i call for a friendly revolt; a revolution of the heart and mind. A movement to mobilize and engage in the democratic process, for democracy is the most revolutionary thing on the planet. The genius of our founding fathers is that they created a system that could be changed according to the will of the people-not by the will of the corporations, or the wealthy, or career polititions, or Wall Street, but by people like you and me. We have done it time and time again.

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